Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So here goes nothing...

I'm going to try to keep this going on a semi-regular basis.  Am hoping to rely on this little gem of a blog to work through decorating ideas, get myself organized, and keep track of the amazingly busy summer we're having.  Which is now nearly halfway gone.  Oops.  So that might be out.  Perhaps I can get you up to speed.  Here's what's happened so far:

  • My friend Bri got married in Charleston.  The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and I bunked up with my parents after making a late night MickeyD's run. It was everything I dreamed it would be.  
  • I got married.  We had a fabulous time, were surrounded by family and friends who flew in from all over (West Coast, East Coast, Europe.. what a nice bunch!) and we survived a hail storm during the reception.  Hail. In June! If they say rain is lucky, hail must be supercalifragilistically lucky.  We held the reception at the Trolley Barn in Inman Park, a gorgeous old building that once housed trolleys on Atlanta's electric street car line.             
                        Tom outside of the Trolley Barn, pre-wedding
  • We honeymooned in the BVIs, on Virgin Gorda, to be exact.  Snorkeled for the first time, lost my second camera, bought a disposable one (have yet to print out pictures but have a sneaking suspicion at least a few are of the inside of my purse), spent a terrifying afternoon sailing in open ocean-solo, attempted to nurse my sweet husband Tom back to health after a particularly rough bout of sun poisoning, drove on the wrong side of the road and had an overall dreamy trip.  We were sorry to leave.
                the Bitter End Yacht Club, as seen from the back of a ferry
  • Tom's friend Brian got married.  Tom was in the wedding and had me scampering around the day-of to track down his suit, which he'd special ordered two days prior.  The reason for the special order being that Jos A Bank, from whom he'd ordered the suit before our wedding, neglected to put in his order.  Needless to say, the suit made it to him with 10 minutes to spare, but not without him creating a firestorm of panic amongst the wedding party- bride and groom included.  Sorry y'all!
  • I went to Miami for my friend Kristin's bachelorette party.  Miami, as it turns out, is a hilarious place, full of creepily tan scenesters and their hangers-on.  Did lots of lounging on the beach and trying to identify famous people and was thoroughly creeped out by a sales girl at VS when I went to buy a gift for the lingerie shower ... "ya nasty freak".  Delightful. 
  • We tried to organize our apartment.  This is an ongoing project, as neither Tom nor I are particularly fond of organization, cleaning, putting things away.. you get the idea.  Hopefully will get things in shape enough to post pics of home-sweet-rental at some point in the semi-near future, though the loss of camera #2 may make that difficult.  
 Does that catch you up on things?  Hopefully yes.  See ya real soon.

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